Four Free Queen Size Bed Quilt Patterns with Pre-Cut Fabrics & Video Tutorials

A New Quilt Project

I’m thinking about making a new quilt for our bed. I’ve never made a queen size quilt before and I think it’s high time I get started on one.

I decided that I’d like to use pre-cut fabric this time around and I want the quilt to have as much white or off white as possible. In the last year, I’ve noticed over and over again how neutral background fabrics can really help the blocks and the fancy machine quilting POP.

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about. My grandmother, Joan, made this quilt. I think the stars and diamonds are very, very visible because she chose such neutral background fabric.


Four Possible Patterns with Video Tutorials

It is harvest time now, so I have extra time to myself in the evenings while John is stuck in the bean line at the grain elevator. To fill up that time, I started watching a few YouTube videos from the Missouri Star Quilt Company.

Here are my four favorite quilt patterns that I’ve found so far. Some of these patterns need to be scaled up or down to queen-size, so here is a helpful blog post on pre-cuts and what size quilts they can make.

Irish Chain Quilt

The Big Star Quilt

The Periwinkle Quilt

A Scalloped Edge

Planning a quilt is half the fun! I’ll never have time to make all four of these quilts, but it sure is fun to dream about each one.

Anyone out there have a favorite queen size bed quilt pattern I should look into?

Any tips for scalloped edges (as shown in 4th video) or the wacky web tool (in 3rd video)?


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