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Getting started as a communications professional and writer in a new area often requires doing a little “pro-bono” work to get started. This spring, I had a chance to donate some of my time to the Kingsbury County Cattlemen’s Association. The group donated $2,500 to the new Cow-Calf Unit to be built at South Dakota State University. They made a large donation relative to the group’s size – and I thought it was definitely something to be proud of. I saw this event as a chance for me to get my own press clippings from here in South Dakota & help their organization get some positive press. So, I volunteered my writing and photography services & sent in a press release to several local and regional papers.


The De Smet News & The Lake Preston Times ran part of the release & the photo that I submitted.

Scan 13

I also submitted the release to The Green Sheet Farm Forum, based out of Aberdeen. The Green Sheet is a staple in South Dakota farming and ranching homes. Farmers literally search through the entire paper column by column. It is a good resource for news and to find equipment or hay for sale. Using some contacts I made with their staff while working as a marketing intern with Land O’ Lakes, I was able to get the full release printed in this paper as well!

Scan 2

The advertising manager at The Farm Forum tells me they have 39,000 paid subscribers but they estimate 100,000 total readers when accounting for larger households. I was very excited to see that the story ran in three papers. I think it was good strategic placement for the Kingsbury County Cattlemen’s to be recognized in local papers within their county and in a larger arena through The Farm Forum.

Getting my first press release published here in South Dakota was a great experience and I’m looking forward to doing more communications work in the area.



  1. Lucy Mills

    Way to go sista!!!!!!!

    • Sierra Shea

      Thanks Lucy!


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