We did ALOT of work to the kitchen, but it was the last $100 or so that really “finished” the room.

1. A room is naked without curtains. Doesn’t it seem to be missing something?


I replaced the old rods with new ones from Target. The new rods were only $4 each. The curtains were $10 each from Lowe’s. Total: $28

DSCN2872 DSCN2870

DSCN4443 DSCN4440

2. Gotta have somewhere to hang keys! Target: $8


3. I also wanted to conserve counter space so we attached a paper towel holder below the cabinet. Lowe’s: $20DSCN3757


4. New Outlets! Total: $20

The old outlets were a bit worn out and also outdated.


So, we replaced them with white. I should say, Ron and John replaced them while I giggled about them squirming around under the cabinets.


Of course, this simple task turned into a race. Men! DSCN3641

Ron won!



DSCN3662 DSCN3664 (1)

We also put on a new switch! DSCN36655. New towel rod. $20DSCN4581

These five projects were easy updates. I think they added a lot to the functionality and beauty of the kitchen. Having a place for keys and paper towels is wonderful domestic bliss. The outlets and the curtains were more for my vanity I suppose. I was just loving the white soooo much – I couldn’t stop! Bathroom remodeling Houston TX is our next ambitious plan.

Here’s a few more shower presents, I now have them all tucked away in our clean drawers.

DSCN4588 DSCN4593 DSCN4592 DSCN4601

We have one plate and cup right now, so we are sharing it. Funny huh? It is really fun to use when it is “my turn.” DSCN4598

Wine and wine glasses! DSCN4610 DSCN4635

I am so grateful for all of these gifts and the fellowship, friendship and love John and I received at the showers. The engagement season is so full of joy, change and happiness. To me, it is not just about “the gifts” at the showers but the women who come to love and support your upcoming marriage. Also, it’s about having “our things” for the first time.DSCN4596

These are not John’s plates or Sierra’s plates – they are our plates! I guess I should say our plate. We had a wonderful, simple meal together using our new dishes and silverware. It was great fun & so simple, just because we are happy to be together. Thanks for reading, I better quit before I get too sappy! I just can’t help but be excited – we only have 37 days until our wedding & the kitchen is dang near done! Our little house is coming along.