I wanted to take a photo of my finished Emerald quilt top for the Emerald Challenge. However, the South Dakota wind was at it’s finest and my peaceful clothesline-and-trees photo shoot did not turn out as planned. My quilt top looks like an emerald-colored flying carpet! DSCN6403

Oh, relentless wind. DSCN6404

I knew waiting for the wind to die down was not an option. The wind never quits here! In desperation, I decided to work with nature instead of against it. I laid down in the grass under the clothesline & took this photo. DSCN6402This was the best I could do on a classically windy day on the prairie. Now, my quilt top is out of the wind and at the quilter! I had to take it to town right after I took these crazy windblown photos.

How are your emerald projects going? Done? Started?

XOXO, Sierra Shea


  1. Jill

    Looks great, I’m sure it will take on a new life too after Jan is finished… she always amazes me!!!

    • Sierra Shea

      She amazes me too! This time though, I took my quilt to the quilter in Lake Preston, Nea. Can you believe in a town with a population of less than 1,000 we get a quilt shop?? SO LUCKY!

  2. Laurel Wilson

    Hi Sierra,

    What a creative solution for a constant problem. If only all problems could be solved so easily.

    We drove through the western corner of your State yesterday on our way to Montana. We are in Cody now visiting some of our Buffalo Bill friends.


    • Sierra Shea

      Have a great time! That sounds like a fun time!

  3. Eva

    Beautiful quilt top Sierra…can’t wait to see it finished! And you are a very creative photographer I must say.

    • Sierra Shea

      HAHA! Thanks Eva. I am so excited to see it finished, too.


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