I wanted to take a photo of my finished Emerald quilt top for the Emerald Challenge. However, the South Dakota wind was at it’s finest and my peaceful clothesline-and-trees photo shoot did not turn out as planned. My quilt top looks like an emerald-colored flying carpet! DSCN6403

Oh, relentless wind. DSCN6404

I knew waiting for the wind to die down was not an option. The wind never quits here! In desperation, I decided to work with nature instead of against it. I laid down in the grass under the clothesline & took this photo. DSCN6402This was the best I could do on a classically windy day on the prairie. Now, my quilt top is out of the wind and at the quilter! I had to take it to town right after I took these crazy windblown photos.

How are your emerald projects going? Done? Started?

XOXO, Sierra Shea