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Last week was very busy for us! We sold our feeder cattle on Monday. Before they were hauled to the Madison Livestock Auction, I took some video.

My dad also came visit & watch the sale. We had a great time together. He was a trooper and got up at 3 AM to drive to South Dakota. Yuck! But, well worth the family time. You’ll see him in the video! 

  •  These are just a few of the cattle raised in the United States each year. There are about 30 million beef cows & 700,000 ranch families (like us) who raise beef!
  • Beef is a primary source of high-quality protein, iron and zinc. A lean, 3-oz serving of beef contains less than 200 calories while also providing over 20 g of protein (1).

I hope you enjoyed the video. It is a light-hearted tribute to all the work & time spent with these calves since last April when they were born. Seeing them with their winter hair & weighing more than 800 pounds is very exciting.

PLUS, anytime there is Eric Church + cattle…I’m usually having fun! I had a blast making it!



1. Where does beef come from? Where Food Comes From, Jan. 2013. Web. 24 Jan. 2014. (


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