There are starting to be quite a few women who blog about their experience on farms. Dairy Carrie is one of those farm gals that loves to talk about what she does – she has dairy cows, just like Graham and his family.

I enjoy reading her blog and this week I wanted to feature a video she made of an adorable, little newborn calf. It is really neat to see those first few moments of a new life.

At 1:48, she shows the calf’s heart beat, dipping the umbilical cord, and then the mama & baby are reunited.

(PS: While you’re watching this…keep in mind baby Jesus was born in a barn, too!) 

So, what does a newborn calf look like? The answer is easy: slimy!

This mama cow will spend the next 1+ hour licking him off. Ironically, her licking him dries him off (you would think it would be the opposite).

Another fun YouTube came out this week from the Peterson Farm Brothers. These brothers a clever, funny & their video is really accurate & our “choring” process looks just the same!

Chores are the main thing going on on our farm right now. Between feeding, hauling water, and moving snow — not much else gets done! Since we’re way up north…it doesn’t get light until after 7am and it is dark by 4:45pm. That doesn’t leave much time for outside work! DSCN8027DSCN8038

Thanks for reading & watching!





  1. Jenny Ledermann

    Hi Sierra, I loved the baby calf!! They are my favorite baby in the whole world! Who can resist
    Those big brown eyes! Those are some nice looking heifers too!
    Love your blog
    Jenny Ledermann

    • Sierra Shea

      Hi Jenny, Merry Christmas! That calf is a cutie 🙂


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