Farmin’ Friday: weaning, bread baking, new kitten

We finished harvesting beans over the weekend, and now we have a short break now before the corn is ready to harvest. 

 During that break, there is lots of cow work to be done.

The calves were all gathered from their summer pastures and hauled or driven home over a period of two days. 

 Each calf was weighed, so we have some idea of the consistency from year to year and an idea which bulls produce the heaviest calves.

I didn’t help with weaning hardly at all this year, which felt odd to me. 

One day, I was working in my office in the morning and with Joslyn in the afternoon. The next, I was canning some tomatoes and chasing Joslyn.  

 Maybe next year?

When we wean it’s noisy as the calves “bawl” for their mamas, so I still experienced that in full force for the last 72 hours.

They will be done soon with that part, it doesn’t take long. 

The growing season here for gardens is taking some adjustment for me. It’s much later than Missouri. I can’t believe I’m still canning and picking tomatoes in October. We could get a hard freeze anytime now & that would be “normal”.

I’ve been gushing about this book all week on Facebook and Instagram. I read about it at The Nester’s blog. 

 I’ve tried and failed at making bread many times & this cookbook seems to be my ticket. I’m excited to keep making new breads. I guess this is my new hobby now that garden season is tapering off and I don’t have a sewing room anymore. 

 We had a mama cat adandon her kitty this week, so I decided to try and save her. I think Joslyn is at a good age to start learning to be “gentle” with animals.

Plus, an extra pet to entertain us this winter will be good as gold.

One pet = 25 plastic toys.

One pet = one half hour entertainment (or more) per day. 


So fun!

{I also wanted to say thanks to all the mamas and dads and friends who were so encouraging about our new baby and my nerves on our house and the close age gap!}

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Laurel Wilson

    This blog is a beautiful document of your life.


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