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Farmin’ Friday: Twenty Below, calving, and four months old

Joslyn hit the four month mark this week! Aunt Savannah came to visit last weekend. Fun things all around!

I love this age. Joslyn is still small and cuddly but her personality blooms more each day. 

I took the most hilarious, adorable pictures of her this week (if I do say so myself). 

It was twenty below! I did not even know that was a real temperature before I moved here. 

That temperature calls for “mad bomer hats” and abandoning the siren call of fashion if you ask me. 

We started having baby calves this week.

I have a totally different view on first calf heifers now that I’ve had my own first baby. 

I whispered to her in the barn, “Hang in there mama. You’re doing good!”

John’s been working hard to keep the calves warm. They are all tucked away in the barn.

 His first day & night of calving there were three babies and he was up from 1 to 4 or….something crazy like that.

See why a few weeks ago I was talking about how important it was that our family get some rest? 

Calving is crazy!

Reminds me of those first weeks home from the hospital.

Reminds me of calving last year. 

Reminds me of calving the year before that. 

Reminds me of….okay. I digress.

Anyway, I’m not sure why some animal rights activists think that farmers are cruel to their cattle. 

It’s certainly not true around here. 

And, I know all our neighbors are doing the same thing. Kingsbury County will have lots of new healthy calves in the next few months!


  1. Julie

    She is just too cute!!!!

  2. Laurel Wilson

    What an adorable baby. You look pretty cute too. The frost picture is gorgeous.


    • Sierra Shea

      Thanks Dr. Wilson! Hope you’re having a nice winter & looking forward to spring 😉

  3. Aunt Jackie

    I love your pictures! Stay warm!


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