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Hi there! I just got back from a short meeting with some contractors. We were looking at some barns over at the Four Sisters Farm.

First, some background.

I call it the Four Sisters Farm because these barns sit on the place where John’s mother was raised. She grew up with four sisters. Just like me!

The problem with being a sister is that eventually you lose your maiden name. Technically, this is the Nelson place. But, that’s sorta confusing because most of the four sisters don’t even have the last name Nelson any more.

So, in honor of a nice, little farm that raised nice, little ladies. I call it the Four Sisters Farm.


Next, onto the barns. When 2014 rolled around John and I set a few goals. We went through the delightfully cheesy process of picking a Word of the Year. A theme. A guiding light. A word that will stick with us in April, when no one remembers to look at their new year’s goals anymore.

John’s word was management. He picked that word because he’s got a lot to keep track of and big decisions to make in 2014.Management2

Okay, back to the barn. I promise I’ll get there eventually. First, I just wanted you to know about this neat, little farm. And, I wanted to talk about our theme for the year.

It all really matters.

So, here’s the first barn.

IMG_0323 IMG_0324 IMG_0325 DSCN7360

During the winter of 2013 until today…we’ve had four people look at this barn. It is a little hard to tell by the photos, but it leans to the east about 1 whole foot. It also leans to the north about 8 inches.

And, so…we can’t really find anyone who can fix this barn. And, even when someone says they are willing to give it a shot there’s two catches: we don’t know what it will cost and we don’t know if it will work.

I don’t think we can save the barn.

It’s sorta sad you know?

There’s a lot of history there.

We’ve spent about six months doing our darndest. I’ve talked to people in three states. I’ve met construction crews there four times. We’ve spent countless suppers discussing the barn. At this point, even if we found someone who could straighten the barn…I think it will just be flat out too expensive.

Where do we go from here? Well, the truth is…it is not my call. After all, John’s word of the year is management. Mine is growth. But, at least I know I did everything in my power to really, truly look into fixing the big barn.

For now, I’m turning my attention to something else. Something smaller. Something that doesn’t lean 12 inches. Something that won’t break my little piggy bank to fix.

This was where John kept his pigs in high school. I’m pretty sure he paid for part of college, his first vehicle, and a bunch of other stuff raising hogs here.

This barn…we can save. Sometimes, you can’t do it all. So, you just have to focus on what you can do.

We can get four new windows, a new door, new shiny red & white tin! We can make this little barn perfect. IMG_0322

Hopefully, later this summer, I’ll have pictures of a perfect barn at the Four Sisters Farm. 20130604-091530


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