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Farmin’ Friday: state fair, canning, new bunk line

No matter where you live in the Midwest, the state fair is the explaination point that falls naturally and dramatically at the the end of the — summer! — season.

The fried food, livestock, friends, camping, concerts, showing, baking and shopping are all mashed up in one grand finale. This is, without question, the happy & hot official *end of summer*. (Sigh!)

I could really give a hoot about Labor Day weekend. That means nothing to me. But, the state fair? Now that’s a season closer & a good one at that. It just so happens that our state fair falls on Labor Day weekend, but not all of them do — Missouri’s was two weeks ago already.

We went to the SD State Fair yesterday and will go again on Sunday. It was a blast taking Joslyn to the fair, we went with friends and started early and left early to keep the day pleasant & beat the heat.

My mother-in-law helped me can some tomatoes this week. We did salsa and basic crushed tomatoes. It was fun. I just love a little bit of canning.


We also stopped at John’s bean field for a little farmer photo opp last Sunday after church.

Lastly, lately we’ve been working on a new bunk line for the feeder cattle this year. More bunk line means more “space at the table” so to speak. This is good for our cattle because our feeder cattle will be able to eat easier and be able to gain weight better.

John and Ron also applied more cement to a current bunk line, the calves tounges are rough and the cement wears away over time and making the bunks feel rocky. The cattle don’t like eating their food from the rough bunks. So, they applied more cement and re-smoothed it.

Basically, all the cattle will be happy eating now — plenty of room to eat & a nice smooth space.



Have a great weekend!

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  1. Aunt Jackie

    It looks like you are all having fun and keeping busy! Have a great weekend!


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