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Happy Farmin’ Friday! Today’s post doesn’t have much to do with the farm, but it has lots to do with a visit from my little sister Selestia. When I came back from Missouri last week, she rode with me.



Seleste is a junior in high school & she has spent the past two years thinking about going to school at South Dakota State University in Brookings. This is just about 45 minutes East of where John & I live. 1554576_764159773594632_1607180192_n

John went to school at SDSU for Animal Science. Selesete is thinking about attending for a new program that they have called Entrepreneurial Studies. We met with an admissions counselor, the department head for her major, and took a tour of campus. 1970773_764166753593934_630256486_n


The school has about 10,000 students – which is fairly small compared to the University of Missouri where Savannah and I attended. But, that is exactly what Seleste likes about SDSU.10013830_764159173594692_224082054_n By the time our 1-hour campus tour was completed, she had figured out her way around campus. I think this took me a full semester @ MU :) 1609908_764166916927251_2049869311_n


The highlight of the tour was trying to take a photo in front of SDSU’s two famous figurines. The South Dakota wind was NOT cooperating with Selestia’s long, curly hair. 10003374_764166603593949_2046538697_n


FAIL! Switch spots, try again.




I really enjoyed having Seleste here with us. I made a promise that I might regret. I said: If you end up coming to school here, I’ll fix you and your friends supper on Sunday nights if you’d like a home cooked meal instead of dorm food. 




In the short weekend that Seleste visited, the three of us ate quite a bit: smoothies, a half a box of rice, two pounds of bacon, a bunch of fruit, tacos (1.5 pounds of hamburger), spaghetti (1.5 pounds of hamburger, 1 quart sauce, 1 whole box noodles) and a pizza!

I forgot how much it takes to feed a hungry farmer and a hungry teenager! What have I committed myself, too? The first time I fixed spaghetti noodles – we ran out!

Seleste asked if she could bring her laundry to me on Sunday nights, too. I draw the line at cooking. I’m thinking the girl can wash, dry, and fold her own clothes! Am I too harsh?


In addition to all the fun at the school & cooking several pounds of protein…Seleste & I also got to sew together on Saturday. That was my favorite part! Seleste made this table runner for her dresser at home.


And, I made this one for our kitchen.



To complete the weekend, we packed Seleste up & put her on a greyhound bus bound for Missouri!



Hope you had a wonderful weekend, too! Happy Farmin’ Friday!


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  1. Laurel Wilson

    Hi Sierra,

    What beautiful runners.



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