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Hi Friends – Happy Friday!

It has been a quiet week here. Cold, windy, quiet…more

I saw this video on the Facebook page of a blogger friend – she writes at Old Blue Silo. I think the video is beautiful, heartbreaking & inspiring. If you have a couple minutes to burn – watch it!

Why I Farm : Loretta Lyons from Becks Hybrids on Vimeo.

“The Papa Book” 

This week I’ve been working on “the Papa book.” (That is not the final title – it is just what I call the book until I come up with a real title.)

I’m going to a writing retreat in a few weeks, so I was getting the manuscript ready to send off for review. Now that it is gone, I have a bit of a break to work on other things; such as scanning photos for the book.

I’ve been dreading this task since I borrowed the photos from my Grandmother at Christmastime. Thursday, I worked on getting my taxes ready and scanning photos – talk about a tedious day! I think I did several hundred pictures.

(I need to get a bottle of wine to celebrate finishing that tedious task. Next, if I can just get my taxes finished!)

Two of my favorite photos that I found while rummaging through the scrapbooks are actually of me and my grandpa. I love are the captions included on the back. scan0030scan0031

The second one might even be better…scan0029scan0028

I love that my grandpa is holding me – at just a month or two old – and watching a cattle auction on TV. This might have been my first cattle auction. Who knows? Obviously, I don’t remember!

Gotta get them started young!



  1. Jo Britt-Rankin

    What a great tribue Sierra. I hope you get your manuscript published.

  2. Laurel Wilson

    Hi Sierra,

    It is wonderful that you have completed your book about your Grandpa.


    • Sierra Shea

      Hi, well…it is not quite completed yet. But, it gets closer every day! :)

  3. Eva

    Love the video Sierra and the pictures of you and your grandpa. I just know that your book will be great. I never experienced the blessing of a grandpa…both of mine were deceased when I was born. So, I can’t wait to hear about yours!


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