Today I’m at the Centralia Fair watching my sisters and their neighbors show sheep and goats at the local fair.

All of the kids at the fair are members of 4-H. At the beginning of each year they sign up for “projects” to learn about things that interest them.

My sisters are signed up for goats, pigs and cattle. This means they show and learn about all three species.

Here are a few things these kids learn through 4-H, showing, and fairs:

– What breed is your animal?
– What do they eat?
– How often do they need to be fed?
– How do you train the animal to walk nicely and behave in the show ring?
– What qualities make up a “good” goat?

All of these items help young kids start learning compassion and stewardship toward animals.

Plus, they get to have tons of fun with their friends at the fair!