We had an exciting beginning of the week.

First, it was warm (translation: above freezing). Then, it rained. Then, it got cold and the rain turned to ice.

Then, the wind began to blow and the power lines did a scary little dance.

And, the power was out.


John and Ron hooked up the generator to keep the water tanks for the cattle from freezing and the house warm for me and baby Joslyn.

The power was out from 5 pm one day until 9 am the next.

The tractor powered the generator, so it ran all night. John got up to check on it a couple times.

At the other farm we didn’t have a generator, so John and I made a glorified fort of straw bales around the water tank to prevent it from freezing.IMG_0359

Baby Joslyn got to hang out with grandma and the neighbors while we worked outside.IMG_0372

The cattle didn’t mind being without water for a few hours, I moved the bales as soon as the power was back on.

Then, it was back to business as usual and John served up the next meal.

This was my first South Dakota ice storm turned power outage.

The scariest part was driving to the other farm in the dark, with low visibility from the blowing snow and the wind whipping the power-lines up and down.

I felt like all four lines were going to snap and curl around my vehicle.

Talk about spooky!