Every Friday, I share a few of the activities that took place during the week on our farm in eastern South Dakota. We raise corn, soybeans, wheat and beef cattle. Farm life is based on seasons, the weather and the needs of our livestock – so each week is often unpredictable!

This week…

We got ready for our wedding! In fact, it is today! This farmin’ friday takes place in Missouri. We had a busy & fun week of last-minute wedding planning, painting, cleaning, and even a little pampering.

Emily practiced her piano quite a bit for the ceremony. 20130703-181352.jpg

Schyler and I finished our wedding decor “barn quilts.”20130703-181822.jpg

I picked out make-up colors & coordinated with a friend to do my “wedding day” make up! 20130703-181654.jpg

John arrived late on the 2nd & we headed to the court house first thing to get our marriage license on the 3rd. They were closed for the 4th & I was very thankful for that – it got John here and off the farm a whole day earlier!  20130703-181516.jpg

Between all the wedding work, my sisters and mom continued taking care of the show animals morning & evening each day.

Today, before the Mother of the Bride heads to the hair salon for her wedding “do” she will take care of the animals. My sisters are super thankful for Mom stepping up to fill in for them, since I needed their help!

It is important to care for our livestock even on big days – like a wedding! We do our best provide our livestock with clean water, sufficient shelter and adequate food. That way, we have content and healthy hogs, goats and cattle.


This time next week, we’ll just be an old married couple living out on the farm. I can’t wait!

Happy Friday!