This was a most wonderful week for me. We threw a “Hail Mary” pass and squeezed in three half-days of fencing at John’s mom’s home. 

 And, we finished! That means we will hopefully receive some cattle in this fall to feed. This has been a big goal of mine since moving here. I’ve written about most of the small steps along the way here & I’m thankful you’ve read along. 

 In the above photo, you can see the “plumb line” that we use to keep the posts straight. Farmers & cattle people like us are generally pretty humble. But, we do take great pride in strait & strong fences! 

These should last until we’re ready to retire!

(Just kidding, we will never retire.)

We still have tons of work to do, but it’s enough for this year!

Plus, John and I haven’t had that much alone time together since…..well, before Joslyn was born! It was so nice to work together.

In other news, I picked NINE 9×11 pans full of tomatoes. We only have 7 plants. This is crazy to me. Next week, I’m hoping to make two more batches of salsa & more crushed tomatoes. 

 Finally, Joslyn walked from the end of the driveway all the way to here before falling/needing a rest/wanting to eat a rock. That was quite a distance for a little tyke! 

 Have a wonderful weekend! Our farm is busy prepping for silage cutting and I’m in full farm-wife mode, today before 9:30 am I made a double batch of scalloped potatoes and ham & after lunch I made no-bake cookies. However, there’s not much room to work around here because of the crazy tomatoes! 

Happy Fall!