Farmin’ Friday: Fencing after four inches

Joslyn and I rode along with John this morning as he did a little fencing. 

It rained four inches here this week, and it’s quite obvious by these few photos.

Sadly, we had some alfalfa down during this rain. We were all a little depressed about that, but for all the crops and pastures the rain was good. 


It is not this wet everywhere, we were just working in a low spot where the water from the rain is draining out toward Lake Henry. 

Happy Friday!



  1. Rita o'Connor

    I just finished reading your book Wild Man and so enjoyed reading about the stories of your family. I recall going to the Western Store to get our cowboy boots, and a ride over with my Dad to check out the poker game adventure at the Laundry mat in Auxvasse. Thanks for sharing the memories! Rita Moss O’Connor

  2. Laurel Wilson

    What a great place to grow up!


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