FarmingFridayEarlier this week, I wrote about my Word of the Year for 2014: Growth. I’ve also been talking with John about what his word might be. Two nights ago, over supper he told me his word: Management. I thought this was an excellent choice. I personally would be intimidated to pick a word as serious as management, but more power to him!

Before he picked this word, John & I talked about two things:

  • What went well on the farm this year?
  • What didn’t go well on the farm this year?

2013 Reflection

We decided that harvest, planting and the summer projects (bunkhouse, our house) went well. We didn’t get as much done in terms of building fence, but we were also busy getting married. We were very excited to have found a new, excellent accountant during 2013. But, he also decided that an area he would like to improve in during 2014 is record keeping. This seems like a constant uphill battle.

2014 Hopes

In 2014, John’s word of the year for the farm is: Management. My father always liked to say, “You can’t manage what you don’t measure.”

But he wasn’t really lecturing me, he was lecturing himself.

Most farmers & cattlemen hate the idea of spending time in front of a desk keeping records. (For example, my Dad & John.) They would much rather be outside caring for cattle or building a fence. This is going to be a theme that will be challenging. I’m proud of him for choosing to tackle an area that he considers a weakness!


The photos above represent the management-related goals for the farm:

  • Build fence around trees on South 80 to protect from cattle rubbing on younger trees & killing them
  • Replace old pens, determine new layout
  • Decided what to do with this barn
  • Keep individual input/expense records on each field

I’m excited about 2014, both with my word Growth & John’s word Management. I’d also like to say that I’m thankful for these Farmin’ Friday posts. It forces me to sit & write these things down. It also forces us to talk about our goals. I have a pretty strong feeling, if I didn’t have a Friday AM deadline – I would have never written these things down. If you are considering goals for your farm or ranch in 2014, blogger Amanda Radke has several good ideas to get you started.