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This week we cut silage and put up a pile at the Four Sisters Farm.

The job takes at least three on crew – one to cut, one to haul and one to pack.

So naturally, we needed six sandwiches.

When I delivered the sandwiches, I drove by three other family farms that were also cutting silage. It is an exciting time around Kingsbury County!


John called in his good friend Tim and asked him to help drive our beloved truck, Ol’ Red. The truck made it through one more year.IMG_1076



Silage is made by chopping up the entire corn plan into small pieces. This pile will be covered with a tarp and stored for winter feeding.IMG_1067

It makes a nutritional feed for beef cattle, but it needs to be mixed with a few other ingredients.

Such as: hay, supplemental minerals and a protein source like alfalfa or “wet cake”.

We work closely with a beef cattle nutritionist to formulate a diet that will meet all of the nutritional needs of the cattle.

Sometimes, I wish a nutritionist would show up and do that for me!


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