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Farmin’ Friday: crawling, planting, cows to pasture, garden starting 

Joslyn is crawling! She started last week. Pulling up on furniture was quick to follow.  

 Ekkkkkkkk! I can’t leave the room!

She also had her first runny nose and ear infection this week. 

I’m very thankful for free long distance calls and picture messaging to my mom when a new baby-issue like this comes up.

Joslyn is feeling much better, thanks to some extra cuddles and antibiotics.


The wind here never ceases to amaze me!

John and Ron finished planting the beans this week, so #plant15 is complete. We’ve gotten two nice little rains since the last field went in, which is wonderful.

Yesterday, we got 35 pairs out to summer pasture. Joslyn and I rode along to see. 

This is my favorite time of year.

John is also busy AI-ing our heifers. 

This will be their first calf, so he selects a bull that is “easy calving” (genetically proven to have smaller babies) for the heifers. 

I laugh when I think about how silly this must sound to my non-farm friends. But…
He is actually wearing a “warmer” of sorts around his waist that keeps the semen warm in “straws” before he AIs the heifers.
Finally, to wrap up the week, we had a garden plot tilled by our house this year. 

  It feels tremendously late to me, as all my friends and reletives have had their gardens in for weeks in Missouri. 

We have a lot of grass to take out before this starts to look like a garden!

I’m also hoping to try making some raised beds. My grandmas both use these and have good luck.

One last thing…

I ordered a new baby carrier this week, I wasn’t having the best of luck with my other one. I think we will use it a lot during the summer.

Especially now that Joslyn is “mobile”.



Have a great weekend! 

Thankful for….

1. Planting done! 2. Green grass and healthy calves 3. Garden season 4. My moms help navigating first cold questions. 5. Joslyn growing and learning 6. Warmer weather 7. Rain 8. Cheaper produce at stores, (hello! $2.00 strawberries).


  1. Aunt Jackie

    I’m glad Joslyn is feeling better. She is one happy girl!

  2. Laurel

    Wonderful pictures of Joslyn, the pants blowing in the wind, and fields plus clouds.



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