20130809-070952.jpgLast Saturday, I went to look at two sets of heifers for my Dad in Aberdeen, S.D. It is a little over a two hour drive. The heifers looked very nice & I was glad to make the outing. DSCN6581 DSCN6542 DSCN6536

John and I have decided that I am not getting enough sunshine, because I stay inside and write all day. So, after I got back from a long day of driving, I helped him cut down some trees from the road ditches around a field. The trees are “illegal” in these ditches and he could be fined if they are not removed. This was my daily dose of sunshine. DSCN6595 DSCN6594I also got to drive “White.” This pickup is literally a decade older than me! Runs just fine under 35 🙂 DSCN6596

They harvested the neighbor’s wheat this week. I think they started on Monday or Tuesday. It all runs together sometimes, you know?DSCN6722DSCN6724Somehow I managed to stay up well into the night twice this week. Doing what you might ask?


I have no idea why canning takes so dang long. In the future, I am going to have to save these projects for the weekend. I’ll start bright and early and hopefully finish before the next day technically begins. I think all this canning is making me feel more prepared for the long, cold winter. It is like a survival instinct. Canned food = survive winter. DSCN6745DSCN6798 DSCN6799 DSCN6801After making spaghetti sauce (which required all four burners for several hours) I now fully understand the phrase: If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen! It was 86 degrees inside   and 79 outside. Lord, I miss central air! DSCN6802We also have major kitten updates this week. (Moda is still hanging around my feet every time I go outside, no news there.)DSCN6749A new mama cat, named Mrs. Patches, has been hanging around the farm the last few weeks. She is a bit wild, but she likes to eat our cat food. We knew she had kittens, but we weren’t sure where they were located.

Then, she finally brought them to our barn. We’ve counted 5 or 6. They are wild, so I don’t have a good count yet. DSCN6732 DSCN6740

That was our big week on the farm! Viewing heifers, cutting trees, wheat harvest, MORE kittens, 14 quarts of green beans and a whole bunch of spaghetti sauce!

Have a wonderful weekend!

XXOO, Sierra

Why Farmin’ Friday?

Recent statistics show that just 1% of the U.S. population considers farming their primary occupation. Since John & I fall into that 1% group, I believe it is important to share about our work in food production. Since 100% of American’s eat, every Friday I write to those who may wonder: Where does my steak come from? What does a farm look like? Who are the farmers and ranchers? What do they do?