Happy December! It is officially the Christmas season. I’m thankful for small businesses and online shopping this year. It’s amazing how much shopping I do these days with those two groups of stores.

With a new baby, I find local stores and my laptop much easier to navigate than a crowded big box store.

Tomorrow, downtown Centralia is hosting a Christmas parade and many of the local stores will be open.

I’ll be at Friendship Place from 10:30 AM to noon. I’m going to be doing a reading from the Wild Man book & personalized book signings. (There will also be gingerbread houses on display!)

Any suggestion for what story I should read? The little pig who went to jacks? Two life goals?

I’ve received a few messages from friends and family this week who have started reading their books!

I hope you are all enjoying your copies.

If you still need a copy, please stop by Friendship place in downtown Centralia right after the parade! We only have about 150 left out of 385.

If your book is a Christmas gift, I’ll personalize the copy to say: “to Mike” or “to Sara”.

Joslyn and I spent the week in Missouri visiting family and friends, and shipping books.

It has been very nice to spend some quality time here. I was hoping for a bit sunnier and warmer weather, so I could take Joslyn on a walk in the stroller. We didn’t quite make that happen. Oh well!

She’s been oh-so-sufficiently loved on by all her aunts & she’s really developing more of a personality.

Her smiles and cooing just make me melt!

On Sunday we are heading back to South Dakota. I can’t wait to decorate our tree and get a few presents wrapped up to put below it when we get home.






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