FarmingFridayEvery time I go home, I am reminded of some basic truths about my family. I guess the 9-hour distance causes me to forget a few things, but within a day or two at home…I quickly remember.

This trip, I remember how much my Mom, Dad and sisters LOVE ANIMALS.

First, my littlest sister Schyler asked me to bring home our dog Roxie so she could play with Schyler’s dog Bruce.


What did I do?

Drove 9 hours with a puppy. Crazy!! The first hour was a little rough, but then she fell asleep. It was nice to have a copilot.

So, it started with the

The first night I was home my sisters & mom brought home three little piggies! These will be their show pigs this copy 4

A couple days later, my mom decided to adopt a bottle goat. Baby goats are the most uncoordinated animals alive! This goat will also be shown at the fair.

Schyler & I were feeding some cattle with my Dad.

She said, “Dad, can I get a duck?”

He said, “We’ll see.”

She said, “Well, it is Chick Days right now…so we have to decide pretty quick. I get a duck every year.”

“What do you want to do with a duck?” He asked.

“You know,” she replied, “Watch it swim.”

The duck issue has been put on hold, as we are afraid new dog Bruce may also like a pet duck. In his stomach.

Then, on Thursday morning just before I left Schyler’s heifer had a baby calf! photo copy 2I also helped my mom wean her calves. They are born in the fall, so they are weaned in the spring. It is exactly the opposite of John’s black cows. His are born in the spring and weaned in the fall. IMG_0035 IMG_0038

Animals, animals, animals! It was such a fun week at home.Animals

I guess all those crazy animal lovers in Missouri rubbed off on me. I drove back to South Dakota last night. One of the first things I said to John after I got home was:

“I really think we should look into getting another puppy. Roxie and Bruce had so much fun together. Dogs need friends!”

John hadn’t spent a whole week surrounded by two dogs, white cows, three little piggies, a cute bottle goat and my ANIMAL LOVING family…so he was…less than thrilled with my idea.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll ask him about a duck.



  1. Nancy Overstreet

    I love your story about animals in Missouri. I can really picture this whole thing happening. Those animals are so lucky to have your family. I had a pet baby goose IN MY HOUSE when I was little! The weird part is my mom would NEVER allow there to be a dog in our house.

  2. Mary Ellen Stephens

    I will be interested in how the duck issue turns out.


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