Did you survive another work week? I hope you have some fun plans for the weekend. We do! We have a couple graduation parties to attend & it is (sort of) my first mother’s day celebration. Does it count if the baby is not here yet? I think so! With all the changes lately, the first 8 weeks of feeling yucky, and now finally feeling good as new – I decided I’m celebrating Mother’s Day, by golly!

One of the clean-up projects at the Four Sisters Farm was removing this small shed. It was hauled here many years ago and never had a concrete floor beneath it, so the entire structure was very rotten and worn out. In a previous life, it was used for storing tools and oil for tractors.

It was high time for this one to go! IMG_9754

John & I came over to feed the cows hay and wind up some electric fence wire. Then, we had some extra time, so he went to work removing this shed with his tractor. Actually, we didn’t have extra time. We made time. It was exciting. That’s really difficult to do!

First, we picked up all the breakables and shattered glass. Then, I couldn’t help but grab my camera and document this event! IMG_9791 IMG_9792 IMG_9793

The top part came up easily, but the rotted floor stayed behind. After some more clean-up John was able to pick up the floor and haul that off, too.

Then, we filled two loader buckets with junk and it all went away!IMG_9797

John’s mom had the great idea to turn this now empty spot into our strawberry patch! She is sharing her garden with me this summer, so we decided to expand it a little. Strawberries are perennials, so they need a permanent home. She put some serious consideration into choosing this location. It will have plenty of sunlight in the morning hours and the garage will provide some protection from the wind.

Her great idea was picking the spot, but my great idea to ask John to consider this a two for one Mother’s Day gift!

We are going to get some railroad ties and a make a 16 x 12 raised bed. John is in charge of arranging the railroad ties & finding dirt. We’ll take care of the rest!

Every once in a while, I remind myself of my mother. It is freaky! Does this happen to you, ladies?

For my whole life, my mother always asked for help with yard projects on Mother’s Day.

What did I do the first year there was a little one in my tummy?

Asked for help on a yard project in lieu of a gift!

I’m blaming this on genetics.