Last night, the Emerald Open House took place at the Material Girl Quilt Shop in Centralia. My mom stopped by to view the quilts and snapped these photos on her cell phone. (Can we just take a moment to appreciate the quality of cell phone photos? Amazing.)

IMG_20131002_190905_876-1IMG_20131002_191512_431 IMG_20131002_191013_347 IMG_20131002_190955_830 IMG_20131002_190926_170 IMG_20131002_190855_713-1 IMG_20131002_190844_361-1 IMG_20131002_190801_204-1 IMG_20131002_190735_345 IMG_20131002_190727_951 IMG_20131002_190717_396 IMG_20131002_190703_301 IMG_20131002_190654_298-1 IMG_20131002_190642_318

I just love seeing all of these Emerald green inspired projects. They are beautiful! To vote for your favorites, please visit the Material Girl Quilt Shop. Voting is open for these in-store categories and in the online category until Friday, October 4th.

Congratulations to everyone who entered an Emerald quilt or project. I don’t know about you– but this definitely gave me a good (and fun) excuse to finish a project over the summer. 20130604-091530