This week from October 2nd to October 4th please stop by the Material Girl Quilt Shop to vote for your favorite projects. It’s okay if you didn’t enter a project – you can still vote. The same goes here with the four online entries, please vote for your favorite by commenting below.4entry

Online Entry #1 – Gifted quilt for a benefit auction Online Entry #2 – Reversible Sundressme1 me2Online Entry #3 – Christmas Mini QuiltResizedImage951380384674500 ResizedImage951380384798617 ResizedImage951380384478627

Online Entry #4 – Chevron Lap Quilt

DSCN7246 DSCN7260

I hope everyone enjoyed “going green” this summer with the Emerald Challenge. I had a blast! We will announce the category winners on Saturday. Please vote below by commenting.20130604-091530


  1. Mary Ellen Stephens

    This is tough = All are different and wonderful – I am voting for #4 Like the added touch to the back.

  2. Joy shelton

    Like the benefit quilt looked the hardest does anyone HAND quilt or just machine?

  3. Lori
  4. Tori England

    I vote for # 4. Nice crisp lines and the back is an extra touch. Great job on all the entries. 🙂

  5. Jenny Ledermann

    I have to vote for the darling sundress, makes me think of my daughter when she was
    Little! I would pick out cute fabrics like this one. Just precious!!
    Thanks for all you do!

  6. Amy Swiney

    #3, the Christmas Mini-Quilt

    I think it sticks to the spirit of the challenge the best, incorporating the color into the project. I like the fussy-cut red blocks as well.

  7. Katie


  8. Cassie Carrico

    #4–all of them are beautiful!

  9. Becky Harstad
  10. Alicia Hancock

    I am voting for #4. Love the chevron pattern!

  11. Sally

    This was very fun! I vote for #4.

  12. Meredith V

    #4 Chevron Lap Quilt

  13. Velma

    #2 All show imagination.


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