It is finally time for Meredith and me to reveal the details of the pretty green fabric she mailed me a few weeks ago!


We are going to be hosting an Emerald Challenge project and quilting contest based on that green fabric!

The categories are:

  • Non-quilting Project
  • Small Quilt
  • Large Quilt
  • Online-only Projects & Quilts

Tonight, at the first Material Girl Quilt Club meeting we will be revealing all the juicy details! (Tomorrow I will share online!)

However, this contest is for online readers and out of town quilters, too! We have added a special online category for those who want to participate from afar. Material Girl Quilt Shop is days away from having an online shop. So online readers will be able to purchase the green fabric, too.

Tomorrow, I will share the contest rules for both the in-store categories and the online category.

It’s time to think green!



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