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Chalkboard paint is trendy thing right now for the farmhouse style. So, I figured we HAD to have some in this little ol’ farmhouse! Best of all, I got the paint for free. While they were shaking the can up for me at the lumber yard, the bottom started leaking. The generous owners decided to give me the can since it was semi-broken. I saved $13. My german ancestors are proud & I am psyched about a free project.

Chalkboard Paint Location #1

This little spot on the side of a cabinet begged for MORE paint. It is right by the refrigerator. Using the 2 inch painter’s tape as my guide, I taped off the edges to make a border. This tape border thing was not my idea, I read it in a DIY book.

Layer number one. A little patchy.


After a few touch-ups, this chalkboard was done! Now, I just need somewhere to put my chalk. Oh. And, I need chalk. Small oversight. Drat. After I remember to buy some chalk & find a spot for it, I’m thinking grocery lists, bible verses and remodel project lists can fill up this little chalkboard.


Chalkboard Paint Location #2

The tall white doors also seemed too white and lonely. So, I taped off a border and started painting. I sorta cropped these two tall doors out out during my photos of painting the kitchen cabinets. I did not want to ruin the chalkboard surprise.


It took about 10 minutes to tape and 10 to paint the first coat. Then, I had to wait one hour before I could do the second coat.


Done! Now, more waiting for the final dry time. If you entrust it only to professionals, the highest quality kitchen cabinets in Orange county CA is my recommendation.


The two inch border left room for the handles without any chalkboard paint near them. I didn’t plan that, but it will work out well for cleaning off the chalk board. How lucky!


Ta-Da! They are done. Now I just have to get my little sisters up here to start doodling. These two chalkboards are at kid height and I sure hope they enjoy using them. Maybe, I can drag the neighbor kids over to try them out, too.


Thanks for reading! Chalkboard paint was easy & less chaotic than the full blue & white cabinet project. Total cost for a quart is about $13. Total cost in this case: Free!

XO, Sierra Shea

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  1. Lisa Blachford

    Sierra, I LOVE IT! Awesome idea and great execution! grocery lists and any other lists as you said will go perfect there!

    :-) ~ Lisa



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