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Roxy is getting so big! I has been awhile since I doted on our sweet doggie. So, here’s a column that I wrote from back in February when she was just a pup and was wrecking our house.

I can’t believe she used to be this tiny. And, those ears. Oh, how cute! Roxy-RooShe gets into much less trouble these days and now we are primarily gravel road walking buddies.

She spends all of her time outside doing the “farm dog” thing – chasing cats, killing small animals, bringing small dead animals to my back porch almost daily, riding in tractors, riding to the field, “protecting” us…you know regular stuff for a 10-pound dog who things she weighs 80.

So, there’s no more stealing my sewing supplies & chewing holes in the family quilts. Thank. Goodness.



What is the cutest thing your puppy does?

What was the worst thing your puppy ever did?


  1. Julie

    She is cute. We had our German Shepherd for 13 years and still miss him and never replaced him. Some days I want a dog, and then the grandkids dog (that looks alot like yours) comes for a visit, and I get my puppy fix:)

  2. Myla

    Roxy is adorable! I have a huge soft spot for Corgis!! Our 4 year old labrador ‘puppy’ loves water! She spends all day willingly fetching ducks with my husband during a hunt or just playing in her kiddie pool or just traipsing in the shallows of the ponds at the farm . I have countless videos and snapshots of her just being a water dog. As a puppy she liked to chew the plastic ends of shoelaces! The most ornery thing she has done as an adult dog was probably when she ate the tops (Yes, just the tops!) off a batch of cupcakes I had cooling on the counter in the kitchen!


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