I’m starting a quilting bucket list….because:

  • I’ve also been browsing Pinterest more lately. By more I mean, I totally overhauled my Pinterest boards by types of quilts!
  • When I was home with my Mom, I complained about all of the quilting techniques I don’t know how to do. She said, “Why don’t you try to learn them? Make a list.”   — Great idea, Mom!
  • Winter has arrived in South Dakota. Its quilting season. 
  • I’m a list maker. I do this for everything. (Got it from my mom.) If I don’t have a list, I forget what I wanted or needed to do. 
  • I really like the WhimseyBox.com “Stop Pinning, Start Making” motto. I want to pin these lovely quilts and learn to make them.

Therefore, without further rambling, a-due, and fussing:scan

There are no rules & no deadline.

I dated it because my dad always said we should date all of our (childhood art) work. Ha! Did your parents make you do that, too?

Since my scribbles are a bit vague, I made a Pinterest board: Quilt Bucket List. Please tell me you have dorky, ultra-specific Pinterest boards, too! I can’t help it, I’m a Type A pinner.

Happy pinning, quilting, list-making!



PS: If you had a quilt bucket list – what would be on it?