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I’m starting a quilting bucket list….because:

  • I’ve also been browsing Pinterest more lately. By more I mean, I totally overhauled my Pinterest boards by types of quilts!
  • When I was home with my Mom, I complained about all of the quilting techniques I don’t know how to do. She said, “Why don’t you try to learn them? Make a list.”   — Great idea, Mom!
  • Winter has arrived in South Dakota. Its quilting season. 
  • I’m a list maker. I do this for everything. (Got it from my mom.) If I don’t have a list, I forget what I wanted or needed to do. 
  • I really like the “Stop Pinning, Start Making” motto. I want to pin these lovely quilts and learn to make them.

Therefore, without further rambling, a-due, and fussing:scan

There are no rules & no deadline.

I dated it because my dad always said we should date all of our (childhood art) work. Ha! Did your parents make you do that, too?

Since my scribbles are a bit vague, I made a Pinterest board: Quilt Bucket List. Please tell me you have dorky, ultra-specific Pinterest boards, too! I can’t help it, I’m a Type A pinner.

Happy pinning, quilting, list-making!



PS: If you had a quilt bucket list – what would be on it?


  1. Lucy

    How awesome.

    Quite the inspiration. As soon as I get moved into our rental house I think I may make a ‘cooking bucket list’ all of foods that would be appropriate to make in an old farmhouse.

    1. Fried Cheicken
    2. Lard pie crust
    3. Gooseberry Jam
    4. Homemade ketchup
    5. Potato cakes

    • Sierra Shea

      OMG Lucy – I love your list! That sounds so, so, so fun! It will be too fun for a new-old farmhouse. I’m trying to rack my brain for more “farmhouse food” — maybe pressure cooked meat & mashed potatoes??

  2. Eva

    My bucket list right now is focused on remodeling the inside of our house…it’s overdue! Number one is researching painting laminate cabinets..Pinterest has lots of great ideas so I’m pinning a lot so I feel I’m being productive….however actual work will have to wait until the shop gets past the holidays and winter weddings.

    • Sierra Shea

      House bucket list projects are always overwhelming – quilts seem so much easier for me! I bet you are getting busy at the shop with the gift baskets 😉

  3. Laurel Wilson

    Wow Sierra,

    This is an ambitious bucket list. My own bucket list is to manage to complete some of the already started projects–some are quilts that were class quilts and other class projects. There are also a few homewrecking projects to finish as well. You would think that there would be lots of time for a retired person to get it all done but there seems to be to get started on a lot of projects too.

    I am sure that your bucket list will be much shorter by spring,


    • Sierra Shea

      Hello Dr. Wilson
      That sounds like a great bucket list! It is always good to get a start on quilts at a class, but sometimes I have a hard time finishing those projects once I get home! 🙂
      Have a nice Thanksgiving!


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