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I am such a goof. Why did it take me so long to start buying books from Anyway – that phase is over! Now that I live 90 miles from a Barnes and Nobel I finally started shopping online. Ironically, it took moving to one of the least-populated areas of the country to get this ol’ gal modernized. I live in South Dakota. I shop online. I am so trendy. Finally.

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Modern Quilts from the Blogging Universe

Here’s my first online book purchase and the link (above) to to buy a copy yourself – if you happen to be feeling modern enough to shop online. Don’t worry, your identity is not going to get stolen and the book will arrive. I recommend this book because the quilts are a fresh, fun and do-able. Plus, each of the 10 quilts was designed by a quilting blogger. Personal profiles from each blogger are included.

I was suprised by the similarity of one thing between all the bloggers’ bios. Nearly all ten said that the best part of blogging about quilting was the community they gained. As a relatively new blogger (feb. 2013)  I am encouraged by their overwhelmingly positive experience in the blogging universe. It makes me want to stick around!


I haven’t finished anything out of this book, yet. But I did get started on creating some blocks from the Scattered pattern.


For the first time, I finally have enough fabric to make a scrap quilt. This is going to be the cheapest quilt I’ve ever made.


I decided to use muslin for my main color chiefly because that was all I had in my stash.


I needed to buy more and it was only $3.50 a yard. Whoo-hoo. Plus, there’s something refreshingly simple about the color. So, scraps plus muslin = $25.00 quilt. That’s never gonna happen again!

Pieced Backing

This book also inspired my first pieced backing.


Pieced backings are a trendy thing right now. So, I thought I’d give it a shot with scraps from this quilt top I just finished.


I had a little extra fabric, so I created this strip. I haven’t had a chance to put the back together yet. I love how the little strip looks a mile long in the photo, really it is just a lap quilt!


Good Book!

So, I’ve already gotten two projects started out of this book and I enjoyed both. The blocks were simple, directions clear & concise. Plus – I bought it online. Now, that’s a modern quilter.

Happy Quilting – Sierra Shea

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  1. Meredith

    Looks great! I love pieced backs…it’s like having an extra quilt!



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