One way to reflect & practice thankfulness, it to simply look at our journals & instagram accounts & recount the best moments and blessings of the month that is just winding down, here are a few of mine.

We are nearing the middle of September, and in so many ways I have not jumped two weeks, but two years in this span of time. Our oldest is in now Kindergarten! This means we’re living through our first season of one of our kids at school five days a week, all day long. What a change this is bringing to so many portions of our day, week, and even yearly calendar! Now let’s jump back for the August favorites.

My favorite newly redesigned area of our home. [Kids table Amazon (2018), Book Shelves Ikea (2014)]

My favorite “its really the end of the new born days” mood happened while resurrecting my go to bread recipe. [Cookbook via Amazon or Bookshop]

My favorite way to create order amongst the chaos of the mornings & life with littles. [Order via my shop.]

My favorite weekend of August was spend camping for the first time in my adult life with my best friend & her daughter.

My favorite new way to pass a Sunday afternoon biking at the state park.

My favorite ditch flower to gather & admire.

My favorite simple summer lunch. Make the taco meat in advance. Warm in the microwave or broil on a Fiestaware plate & enjoy.

My favorite photos from the first day of school filled with tears & laughter and huge backpacks.

My favorite new kids book [Via Amazon or BookShop.]

Are you enjoying reflecting on the good, favorite things of this month? Me, too. I’m continuing the conversation off the blog and over at my digital monthly newsletter, A Sacred Space by Sierra Shea. At the end of each month, I write a short reflection and questions for your personal reflection.

This newsletter is $5 a month or $50 annually. However, if reflection is your jam and that cost is prohibitive, please email me and I’ll add you no questions asked.

Perhaps, think of it as a tip jar if you’re enjoy the near-daily content I’m sharing on social media & beginning to share on the blog. If you choose to sign up, it will bill as a recurring subscription to your card & the reflection will come directly to the email address you provide. Your email address will never be shared. Substack is the newsletter’s platform, you can read more about their goals here.

Thank you in advance for supporting my work in any way: tagging friends, reading, commenting, donating, ordering products, using links, or even chatting with me in messages about what’s helping & resonating with you!

It all matters so much: thank you!

Sierra Shea


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