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A few weeks ago, Elaine and I attacked the attic on Memorial Day. It was the most productive Memorial Day of my life. I don’t know for sure, but I think part of the whole holiday involves bar-b-queing and relaxing. We did not relax!

Instead, Elaine and I attacked the attic. When this project started, the attic looked a little scary.


All of this inherited furniture was moved out. Both dressers had broken shelves and the chair…well, it was a little worn out. I do like the purple in this room.DSCN2644

The floral flooring is going to stay. DSCN2645

After one big afternoon Elaine and I had whipped these two rooms into shape. The following pictures are “after” photos. Its a little hard to tell, but it really is MUCH better. DSCN4611


John’s taxes are organized chronologically by year, and I am so proud of that! We have winter bibs and flannels sheets tucked away. Elaine scrubbed the floors and baseboards while I cleaned, packed and organized. Her job turned out to be more interesting than mine. We switched out her water about five times because it kept turing black. The oil burning stove pipe leaked a little and left a nice layer of soot over the entire upstairs. Yummy, right?

It is gone now! The floors are practically shining and I will sleep all the better for it! The east room is completely empty now, so I can start moving my things up here. We can’t get the two mattress springs out. They didn’t fit down the stairs, so we aren’t sure how they got up here in the first place. John is going to have to literally cut them apart.



We have 25 days left! Thanks for reading!



  1. Lori

    Looks like a good project off the list.

    • Sierra Shea


  2. Derina

    Looks great, what a great job you have done. Does John know what he really got into when he asked you to be his wife? Organizing, Cleaning and being a great writer, housewife and lifestock gal turning into a crop farmer? :)

    • Sierra Shea

      hahahaha, thanks derina. You are too nice. I don’t know if he did or not!!

  3. Sally Thomas

    Very Nice!


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