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Today, I woke up to a full foot of snow in my front yard. It is April 11th! AHHHH! Does winter really last 9 months here? I should be getting my shorts down out of the closet, not searching for long underwear. Again.


Yesterday, we got about six inches. Overnight, about 6 more.


Yesterday, I was inside all day. Alone. Working from home because I couldn’t make it in to my job.


I was not doing that again today. I needed fresh air – before 4 pm.


I jumped out of bed & decided to take some photos of this APRIL Winter Wonderland & shovel the mound of snow out from my door. Before it was too late & I was really snowed in.


After about fifteen minutes. I had her licked. Bet you didn’t know there were stairs under that big drift.


One of my kind neighbors saw me out in the street taking photos of this madness like I was some tourist who grew up in a warmer climate. Oh. Wait. I did grow up in a warmer climate.


He got more done on my driveway with that snowblower in 10 minutes than I could have in 3 hours. Before I moved here, I had never even seen a snowblower.


I live right across from the city park & these pretty snowy days are actually quite beautiful from the warm comfort of my home. This is the view from my “picture” window in the living room. I put my computer in there, so I can enjoy the snow globe like scenery.


High dive anyone? Nice day for a swim.


Aren’t they sotra cute? In a tree kind of way.


Anyway – it is time for me to get to work. I’ll be much happier inside today after the snow shoveling exercise & a little fresh air taking photos of the snow.


I am definitely making chili tonight. We. Need. Chili. During. Blizzard.

This is the day the Lord has made; we will rejoice & be glad in it. (Even if it is an APRIL snowstorm.) Psalm 118:24

Stay warm – Sierra Shea


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Hey, I’m Sierra Shea! I am so glad you are here. 

Where do I start with writing to introduce this blog? At the beginning, I suppose: I’ve been writing on various platforms online since 2013. I started blogging shortly after moving to South Dakota.

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