You can probably guess by the title of this post what I’m getting ready to say…

We’re going to have a baby!



We’ll be expecting our little Blachford at the end of October! This means lots of changes are coming our way.

In farmer terms that means — the baby will arrive during corn harvest.

In quilter terms that means — I need to hurry up and make a quilt!

In canning & preserving land — I don’t know how much standing in super hot kitchen I’ll want to do this summer.

In cattlewoman terms that means — I’m a “first calf heifer” or … clueless. But, learning lots every day. Like which week the baby’s lungs are developing and how to buy a carseat.

In writer terms that means — I’ve got about seven six (ek!) months to crank out two manuscripts. Nothing motivates a writer like a deadline.

In sister terms — They are beyond excited to add the official, important title of “AUNT” before their names.

In terms of a nice, cold beer after a long, hot day of work — I’ll be sticking to popsicles and ice tea this summer.

In terms of nesting — I’m starting to work on making room for the baby in our little farmhouse. The writing & quilting studio is now becoming the writing, quilting, and nursery room.

In terms of life — of course, we are so excited & feeling totally blessed!

To all the moms & dads out there, I’d love to hear — what are your fondest memories of the the first pregnancy in your growing family? No horror stories please! I wanna hear the good stuff! Don’t tell me about the morning sickness & sleepless nights after baby arrives! I wanna hear something sappy…and sweet!

Sierra Shea