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You can probably guess by the title of this post what I’m getting ready to say…

We’re going to have a baby!



We’ll be expecting our little Blachford at the end of October! This means lots of changes are coming our way.

In farmer terms that means — the baby will arrive during corn harvest.

In quilter terms that means — I need to hurry up and make a quilt!

In canning & preserving land — I don’t know how much standing in super hot kitchen I’ll want to do this summer.

In cattlewoman terms that means — I’m a “first calf heifer” or … clueless. But, learning lots every day. Like which week the baby’s lungs are developing and how to buy a carseat.

In writer terms that means — I’ve got about seven six (ek!) months to crank out two manuscripts. Nothing motivates a writer like a deadline.

In sister terms — They are beyond excited to add the official, important title of “AUNT” before their names.

In terms of a nice, cold beer after a long, hot day of work — I’ll be sticking to popsicles and ice tea this summer.

In terms of nesting — I’m starting to work on making room for the baby in our little farmhouse. The writing & quilting studio is now becoming the writing, quilting, and nursery room.

In terms of life — of course, we are so excited & feeling totally blessed!

To all the moms & dads out there, I’d love to hear — what are your fondest memories of the the first pregnancy in your growing family? No horror stories please! I wanna hear the good stuff! Don’t tell me about the morning sickness & sleepless nights after baby arrives! I wanna hear something sappy…and sweet!

Sierra Shea





  1. Viola

    This is wonderful news!! There are no negative comments that I can think of that begin to compare to the positive ones!! Such a wonderful gift from God! Its been nearly 60 years since I was in your shoes, still remember it like yesterday. Nothing can compare to this great experience!!! Good Luck!!

  2. Mary Ellen Stephens

    Precious moments – this will be a year of many firsts – child, smile, steps, words, hugs, – treasure each and everyone of them. Very excited for you and your family. As my daughter tells her son, Robby. Slow down, enjoy the moment.

  3. Joy shelton

    SIERRA I am so happy for you, Derina is hoping for a boy to pass clothes too!! You guys have been blessed with the greatest gift God can give to you, the first time you feel like butterflies in your belly it isn’t gas ,and then that first kick will be a smile on your face and that glow that only new mother shows YES I said MOTHER. That feeling is so surprising that you are carrying a beautiful human being that your love for each other created. Keep me posted as how things are going your mom worked with cattle clear up to having you and your sisters. CAN remember with the youngest sister that Derina was call and I came too and your mom was more worried about getting calves feed than getting to the hospital. THAT IS A CATTLE WOMENS WAY OF LIFE. Lol Grandma Joy, if Need SITTER put me in line in MISSOURI

  4. Erin Diederich

    This is wonderful news and I was just thinking the other day it would be about time :) Honestly, there is not one negative aspect of parenting. Babies are amazing and your heart is about to grow like you cannot imagine. Enjoy your pregnancy, and keep us posted on the growing baby! You two will be amazing parents and you will learn everything you need to know, as soon as that baby arrives in October. Enjoy the little things along the way, Sierra.
    God’s Blessing to Baby, You and John.

  5. Alicia Hancock

    Congratulations! My favorite moment was when they placed Sadie on my chest right after she was born! It was so amazing….indescribable!

  6. Katie

    Congrats Sierra! I’m pregnant too, due in November! Love all the sweet comments! (I’m so with you, no horror stories please!) Looking forward to what the future has in store for us both! Wishing you all the best! xoxo Katie

  7. Kim

    My first daughter was born April 1st (the month has gone fast!) and I’ll say that even with the horror stories (morning sickness, sleepless nights, 24 hours of labor and a c-section), it’s all SO worth it. When I’m sitting with her at 3 AM and she’s staring up at me, wide awake, or when she refuses to sleep anywhere but on my chest – even though I’m exhausted, I want to make the peace and intimacy of those moments last forever. I knew parents loved their kids, but now I really understand what that means and how intense it is. Trust me, the horror stories will pale in comparison to the amazing feeling of holding your baby for the first time (and every time after that!).

  8. Lori

    Congratulations, that is such exciting news. We are so happy for you and John.

  9. Alaina

    I have given this some thought and wanted to share some sweetness with you:
    – The sweetness of how you and John will change as a result of this child. How it will draw you closer to each other, and to God.
    – The sweetness of marveling over those teeny, tiny newborn fingers and toes. And how in awe you will be when you see how much they grow in a year.
    – The sweetness of a baby falling asleep in your arms, on your shoulder or on your chest. Happy, content and at peace. Make sure someone snaps a photo of you with a sleeping babe, it’s a wonderful illustration of what it means to be a mom.
    – The sweetness of folding teeny, tiny laundry. Marveling at the cuteness of onesies, socks, pants, sleepers, etc.
    – The sweetness you will feel when you witness your mother holding your child. Or your siblings.
    – The sweetness you will find in the generosity of others. As us in rural America knows, a handmade gift conveys volumes. And I hope you are a recipient of such gifts.
    – The sweetness of wrapping your new baby in a quilt/blanket/item of clothing you’ve made. Bring that baby’s treasured quilt with you to the hospital to hold him/her in. It will do more than keep you warm, but surround that child with stitches of love, prayer and your scent.
    – The sweetness of how that newborn babe’s head smells. Especially after some good lotion/oil/bath.
    These are just a few of the ways babies exude sweetness.

  10. Carolyn Bierbaum


    How exciting! Being a mother is the greatest gift! Today is our oldest son Danny’s 25th Birthday. He too is going to be a parent in a couple of weeks. We are thrilled. Time flies by so fast. Nineteen years ago today we brought home his baby sister Lea from the hospital. I just posted pictures of that day on facebook.
    You will be a wonderful mother. Being a wife of a farmer myself, it made me smile to read your news. I can so relate. LOL! Raising a child on a farm is a wonderful gift. Your children will learn so many valuable lessons. Not every child learns what it means to live on the land. Teach them to stand for something good and to love which gives so much!

    So happy for you!!!!

    Carolyn Bierbaum

  11. Laurel Wilson

    Lovely, you are going to be great parents.


  12. Derina Shelton

    Sierra, Congrats you will be an amazing MOM bc you had a wonderful role model growing up.
    Make sure to take vitamins at night, I loved the gummy ones best. Plus go until your Dr gives u orders to stop, it will make delivery easier. Also I found the boom What to expect when u are expecting was amazing words of wisdom.
    I have to say your S3 sis did really good not spilling the beans, I wandered why she was asking so Many questions about being pregnant one day…lol then I learn 2 wks later.
    Bless you and John on the new addition and if it’s a boy I will have hand me downs…lol

  13. Kathy Hasekamp

    MY ‘sweet’ first pregnancy story is that I felt Cody kick the first time on Mother’s Day while sitting in the CHS gym for graduation, DH’s sister was graduating. You have many amazing firsts ahead of you. Savor it all, my ‘first’ will be 20 yrs old in a few months, but it seems like yesterday when I was thinking summer of 94 was the hottest one in history. Lots of love from the Hasekamps of Tulip!

  14. jan

    Congrats……… happy for you both! My first child was an October baby so I can relate. We had to invest in an air conditioner just for me to stay comfortable. But that is easier than trying to get a winter coat around your belly!


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