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John and I are excited to say that we’ll be welcoming a second baby into our family in the middle of April!IMG_5099


Our first baby arrived in the heat of harvest and our second baby will arrive in the rush of calving season for our cow herd.

I don’t know who keeps turning the bull in on the wrong date, but they really aught to shoot for better timing!

We really couldn’t have picked two more inconvenient times to have our babies, but of course we are delighted.


I eat a piece of toast the moment I wake up. This gets me going enough to function. Then at 9, I have two fried eggs. This tides me over until about 11:22.

Most days I have another piece of toast right before I go to bed.

Sometimes, John makes the toast for me and I swear he’s the most wonderful man on the planet.

Except once, he tried to make cinnamon toast when I was “needing” plain toast and I fiercely rejected it. Preggo life. Crazy wife.

I’ve learned that for me, getting too hungry what causes me to feel the worst.

In short, we are using a lot of bread.

To be clear, I am not craving toast and fried eggs. They are just only foods on the planet in that moment that don’t seem utterly detestable to me.

That is much different than a craving.


On the other hand  I am craving blackened salmon and I have been for approximately 782 hours and 29 minutes.


Soon, I’ll be driving 1.5 hours to Sioux Falls just to order some blackened salmon and quiet down this insane craving.

Please let me know if you know anyone who can cook this in their home or of a restaurant nearby that I haven’t called or tried yet.


Boy or Girl?

We decided not to find out the gender of the new baby just like we did with Joslyn. We’re still a few doctor appointments away from having that opportunity, but I think we’re pretty much decided. This was a fun surprise for us and I will enjoy doing it again.

If we have a boy, my first joy will be for John as he’ll have a little son to love. I can’t imagine how special that bond would be for him.

If we have another girl, my first joy will be for Joslyn as she’ll have a little sister to “do life” with. Life is just better with a sister. It’s a fact.

I’m delighted either way, boy or girl.

Age gap?

These two kids will be about 18-months apart.

I talked to my sweet Grandma Georgia Lee yesterday. She had five children.

She said, “Well, Mike and Tom were 17 months apart, if I survived that you can survive this!”

It was a rare moment in life when the age barrier between grandmother and granddaughter was broken down.

For a moment we were just two ageless women talking about babies.

I’m nervous about the first few months, but after that I’m delighted about the closeness of these kids.

As my dad says, “Happy kids come in pairs.”

So, any tips for those first few months with two under two?

IMG_3236  IMG_3223 IMG_3221 IMG_3238 IMG_3220

Making room?

I spent a lot of time getting a little room ready for Joslyn and we ended up changing everything after she arrived anyway.

With that experience in mind, I’m going to try my best to simply set up the bassinet in our room and wash up the gender-neutral newborn clothes.

Then, once the new baby arrives we will figure out the best way our little family will get situated for napping, nightime sleeping, eating and playing in this house.

Who knows, maybe they will sleep like angels and share a room?

Or, they might wake each other up and need to be on opposite ends of the house with a play pen in the bathroom at night and the crib on the other side of the house and me on the couch in between?

Moms, do you think this just-wait-til-the-baby-is-here plan will work for our home?

Thank you for letting me write all of this down friends & thanks for your help.

Off to eat my piece of toast and crash for the day.

{If you want to travel down memory lane with us, here’s my post And then there were three… from when we announced our pregnancy with Joslyn.}


  1. Donna Henry

    I am so happy for you and John…and Joslyn. Mark was 3 and a half, Sarah was 18 months when James was born. I was so busy it just went by in a blurr. I know they are the best years. The best advice I can give you is rest when they rest. Naps are especially important even if it is only 30 minutes, just relaxing completely helps. You will be fine and will get in a routine. It is hard to imagine going into this all the answers, but they come and you’ll be a pro before you know it. The nice part is your kids will be close. Love you Sweetheart! Your Aunt Donna

  2. Andrea M

    Congratulations! I say just go with it; all kids are different! My 2nd and 3rd kids are 12.5 months apart with less than 4 years between the oldest and youngest. You’ll do fine!

  3. Pastor Becky Senner

    When pregnant with Carrie it was Reuben sandwiches and tea (and I hate sauerkraut!!). With Aaron it was broiled scallops and OxYoke Rhubarb pie from the Amana Colony – no other would do. Good luck with the salmon.

  4. Alaina

    So happy to hear your news – for some reason I was just wondering about you and your beautiful family. We have three littles that are 19 and 21 moths apart respectively. The first few months will be ok – you will find your new rhythm. As they get older, they might fight and scrap together to no end (mine do, sharing a shopping cart is the worst for us!). We are still figuring out sleeping arrangements – don’t sweat it yet! I hope food becomes more appealing soon!

  5. Laurel

    Congratulations–another very loved child in the world–the best kind.


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