Lee Pitts is a nationally syndicated columnists of “It’s the Pitts” and author of multiple books including: Essay’s from God’s Country, People Who Live at the End of Dirt Roads, A Collection of Characters, Back Door People, and These Things I Wish for You. He’s also the Editor of the Livestock Market Digest published in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

My uncle, Jon Angell, is the publisher and editor of The Cattleman’s Advocate and he publishes Mr. Pitt’s column monthly. Late this summer, Jon suggested that I send a copy of my books out to California where Lee lives to see if he might be interested in reviewing them.

Just in the nick of time, Mr. Pitts returned a kind, handwritten letter with a review of Sheep, Stetsons & Stockyards: Stories on Surviving Change. We rearranged the cover and placed his quote front and center!

Here’s what Mr. Pitts had to say of my second book:

“One Midwest family’s interesting, and often funny, struggle to survive in the tough livestock industry. There are many great lessons to be learned between the covers on buyin’, sellin’, swappin’ and dealin’ with coyotes of both the varmint and human persuasion.”