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EEEEEE! My mom + Savannah + Schyler are coming to visit this Wednesday! I hope they bring me one of Schyler’s three kittens, but I’m not counting on it! Nine hours is a long ride. Throw a m-e-o-w-i-n-g kitten in the mix and they may never leave Missouri again.

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I cannot wait to see them. Boy, do I have big plans for us:

  • start my strawberry patch (in an adorable claw foot bathtub, just like my Grand Ma Georgia!)
  • visit Prairie Town Gifts in De Smet
  • sew & drink tea/bud light lime-a-ritas
  • help me with the upstairs at the farmhouse
  • help me clean BOTH deep freezers at the farm
  • help me, I am drowning in a re-model. Help, help, help.
  • Eat at 1481 Grill – my most favorite restaurant on Highway 14 before Brookings
  • sleep? No. Nap!

Maybe my list is a little….over zelous, insane, excited?

All I know is last night before I feel asleep my last thought was, “I only have to fall asleep one more time after tonight and then, they will be here!”

I’m like a little kid before Christmas, “How many more sleeps before Santa comes?”

One more sleep & then it is S-Girl time! Sally + Sierra + Savannah + Schyler = S-Girls! We will miss Selestia and Katrina, too. Someone’s gotta take care of the show pigs though!

Thanks for reading,


P.S. What do you think of my new signature? Another big thanks to Emily Curtis @ the Empact Design.


  1. Derina

    Sierra, I know that you are soo very excited about the “S” crew coming to visit. I am sure you have a list of duties to divy out and it is so neat to see you carrying on that traditon as well that your mom has passed on to you. I am sure you will be missing S3 because she will be the one to have organization skills as to where things may go if you cleaning and rearranging. Can’t wait to see pictures and hear all about it.

    • Sierra Shea

      They have been so helpful. I do miss Seleste though ;)

  2. KAREN

    girl time is so fun, and S-girl time I am sure is fabulous!!!!
    love the strawberry patch in bath tub.

  3. Sierra Shea

    I am so excited!!


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