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On my way home from Missouri, I stopped in Hamilton, Mo. at the Missouri Star Quilt Company. In years past, Hamilton was famous for being the hometown of J.C. Penney. Today, it is famous for this quilt shop.

I’m not kidding! Family owned and operated, this shop has a huge YouTube and internet presence. Their YouTube channel has over 117,000 subscribers. They are adding onto their shop and they purchased another building along main street that will soon be used for quilting retreats. (Mom, wanna go? We can meet in the middle!)DSCN7730While I was there, I picked up this teeny tiny template by Natalie Dawn. You can purchase it from Missouri Star Quilt Co. online for $5.45. DSCN7733I am using the template to create a border from my leftover scraps on the Christmas tree wall hanging I am working on. DSCN7731To use the temple, I rotary cut away the scraps until the remaining fabric is all underweight the template. DSCN7734Aren’t they cute? DSCN7740To piece them together, I line them up like this. Then, fold right sides together and sew.DSCN7742DSCN7743The little template was a good “investment.” I wanted something a bit more visually interesting than a simple 1.5 inch border. The finished inner border is so cheery! DSCN7741

Do you have any favorite templates? I really enjoyed using this one – I think I’ll start looking for more. Thanks for taking time out of your day to read!



  1. Lori

    Robin and I went to this store a couple of months ago. It was fun and their retreat building is awesome. Can’t wait to see your finished quilt.

  2. Glenda Shaw

    Is there anywhere I can purchase the wall hanging pattern. I have looked a number of places and haven’t found it. Please if you can help me locate the pattern. Thanks!!

    • Sierra Shea

      I’m not sure! Im sorry I can’t help.


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