Earlier this year in one of my “What I learned posts” I mentioned that I had an exciting announcement for you…

Late last year, I finished the manuscript for my second book!

It will be coming out on October 1st, 2016.

If you read and enjoyed Wild Man: A Mostly-True Memoir of a Missouri Cattleman, I know that you will love this book, too. The main characters, easy-reading style and setting are all the same.

It’s is simply another book, with more stories from our family tree and central Missouri’s rich agricultural heritage.

In some ways, I love these stories even more than the ones that made it into the Wild Man book, because these are historical, informational and eye-opening. They reveal how the livestock business took place during the lifetimes of my grandparents and great-grandparents.

While Wild Man made you laugh, this book will make you think…hum, that’s very, very interesting!

Like last time, I don’t have a title picked out yet. I’ll be asking for your help and input this spring to help choose the title and cover just as we did with the first book.

Voting for the cover was so fun!

I’ve very thankful that I decided not to rush this book and hurry for an October 2015 publication. Now, I have a whole spring, summer and early fall to do things the right way. Part of that means carefully selecting and finalizing captions and photos and part of that means having the luxury of time to ask your opinion on titles and covers!

I am so excited that 86.76231% of the work for this book is done. Now, it’s just time to package it up, make it pretty and then finally ship it out to you!

Please use this link or the sign-up form (at right) to join my email list. I’ll be conducting all of the official book business via email and only sharing short segments of the book and final reveals here on the blog. If you’re interested in the book and helping me make final design decisions, please sign up for the list.

I very much appreciate your signing up for my list, upon joining you’ll receive two free downloads and two emails (or less) from me per month.

Happy reading friends! I can’t wait to release this project out into the world!


  1. Fran Schnarre

    Looking forward to it!

    • Sierra Shea

      Thank you! I think you will very much enjoy it since you like regional history 🙂


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