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89 Days til (Our) Little House on the Prairie

I am excited to reveal a new big, huge, giant, overwhelming, rewarding (I hope) project. John and I have officially decided where we will live after we get married. Which is 89 days away to be exact. Our soon-to-be house sits right in the center of all the action at the Blachford Farm. We will be living in the Blachford Farmhouse.

(Another) Little House on the Prairie 

Scan 37

Date Unknown (I’m working on figuring it out).

This photo is no joke! This little house is still standing today. That is a super-old photo of the super-old home we will soon be living in. John has been living there bachelor-style for a little over a year now. However, bachelor-style and woman-meets-bachelor-pad-style are NOT the same. What a woman needs from her home and what a man needs from a home are very different. For a man, home is a building. A place where he happens to eat and sleep. For a woman, it is a place of restoration, renewal, family, love, joy and so much more (anyone agree?).

That being said, some changes need to happen before this lady of the prairie is ready to join her happy farmer in this historic, little house.


We have 89 days to restore, clean, paint & transform his family’s historic home. This house has more history than I can even begin to explain in one post. While cleaning at the Blachford Farmhouse recently, I found a box full of lovely, old photos of the house, John’s family and farm. Entrust the cleaning to your carpet cleaners in Hanover, they are real professional.  I can’t wait to start sharing the photos, history and DIY projects along the way in this 89 day countdown-style project.

Scan 28

Aside from my love of vintage photographs, pioneers, the pioneer spirit, history and farm life – I could not be a more WRONG person for the DIY tasks in the upcoming 89 days. While I love all the immaterial things that surround this little home, I have virtually no love of painting and no knowledge of DIY repairs. The only thing I’ve ever fixed in my life was the footstool I posted about. And, a bunch of fence with my Dad.

2008 Summer Throwback! #sweaty

2008 Summer Throwback! #sweaty

I may not be the right person for this job. But, work still needs to be done. This is going to be our first home, so I’m a woman on a mission.

XO, Sierra Shea







  1. Derina

    Sierra you will be just fine on fixing up this place. You have a great Mom who will give you guidence and a great MaMoo who will also give you inside tips or ideas on how to mend things. I think that this will be a fun project and can’t wait to hear and see pics. 🙂

    • Sierra Shea

      Hi Derina! Hope the store & Seleste are treating you well. Mamoo is about the most handy person in my family!

  2. Nancy

    Good Luck! It even looks like Laura Ingalls’ house.

    • Sierra Shea

      Thanks! Yes it does – you’ve seen the real ones, too.

  3. Uncle Jon

    I like the old photos, but how about posting photos from the same vantage point today for reference. You know, yesterday and then today. If you do it right soon you will have yesterday, before and after. Could be fun… happy homesteading to you.

    • Sierra Shea

      Thanks for the suggestion! Coming soon! Will do!

  4. justin da papa Angell

    Hello Baby- dis is da papa.
    You have a lot to learn about a man and his house… His home. A mans home is his castle… Where he is safe… Where he can come at the end of the day, take off the armor, relax and in the best senario… Enjoy the lady of the house and eventually Love and raise their children.
    Good luck w/ the castle.
    Love you both
    Your Daddy

    • Sierra Shea

      Yeah! You found the blog! Congrats dad. I hope you’re right. I like the castle analogy!

  5. Lori

    Looks like a fun adventure, Sierra. Everything you need to know can be found with a google search! Or Pinterest. Have fun, can’t wait to see all the pictures.

    • Sierra Shea

      Hi Lori – Thanks. Pinterest has been super helpful so far!

  6. Laurel Wilson

    You are well on the way of becoming a DIYer. You have the perfect place to do it in since each project will be an improvement over what is there. You are brave and capable so have at it!




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