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I have never been to a quilt auction before. All that changed this weekend! The Lutheran Churches of South Dakota have summer camps all over the state.DSCN6658 The women of the Lutheran Churches donate quilts to this auction to raise money for the summer camps. Last year, this auction raised $45,000. This year, it raised $47,000!DSCN6631

Here’s a sampler of the creative & beautiful work of the “Dakota-made” quilts. There were about 100 quilts in the live auction, I took close-up pictures of the quilting (the part that holds the top, batting and back together) on about 25 of the quilts.



Scrolls & featheringDSCN6647 Leaf & loops (looked great on camp & deer-themed fabric)DSCN6646Stars & Scrolls (this quilt sold for around $700)DSCN6645 DSCN6644This quilt was 100 years old! DSCN6643 DSCN6642This quilt sold for $1400!DSCN6641Feathering in white lattice.DSCN6640 Each white block center features a flower.DSCN6639And, the quilted triangles surround the flower. Beautiful!DSCN6638This quilt also featured some custom-type work. The pink lattice between blocks was all wavy/scrolly. DSCN6637

DSCN6634This tie-quilt reminded me of the colors in my own baby quilt.DSCN6630Meandering in tan. Loops in plaids.DSCN6629 DSCN6628 DSCN6627 DSCN6626Loops & a leafDSCN6625 DSCN6622Flower & leavesDSCN6618 DSCN6617This vintage quilt was made from old feed sacks. They recommended dry-clean only.  DSCN6616Flowers & large circlesDSCN6615 DSCN6613 DSCN6612I hope this gives you some inspiration for the quilting on your next completed top! I know it gave me lots of ideas. Here’s my favorite of the day:DSCN6640And my #2 favorite: DSCN6645Most of the time, I use almost 100% printed fabrics in my quilts – I love florals, stripes & everything in between. But, I am learning that solids (like the whites in my two favorites above) can really help the machine or hand quilting “pop.” It can also make the other colors and the blocks more drastic. I’ll have to try adding more white soon!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. jan knight

    Beautiful !! This gives me inspiration to maybe try some quilting again in the future.


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