2015 is the year of margin, or rather “minding my margins.”

 Margin: extra of something.

 As a general rule, our society doesn’t really believe in the concept of margin – we are over-spent, over-booked, over-tired and over-stimulated.

I fall into this trap, too.

In 2015, I’d like to practice the art of creating and protecting margin in my weekly schedule, marriage, budgets, work deadlines and daily activities.

There are a few key areas where the concept of margin will apply to my upcoming year:

  • I’d like to get better at managing our household budget. At the end of the month, we need to have margin! Not a very exciting goal, but a practical one.
  • After 2014, I know how long it takes to write, edit, create and layout a book. I’d like to publish my second book by November 1, rather than November 25. I’d like to have extra time in my publishing schedule.
  • Create and protect margin as a form of rest. Be sure to enjoy quiet times each day.


In addition to my word of the year, John and I pick a word for him and the farm. This is a bit of a buzzword in the agricultural world right now, but we are using it anyway. Here’s how we are hoping diversify plays out in 2015:

  • Plant a field of alfalfa, this will “diversify” our current crops corn, wheat, soybeans.
  • Have another group of feeder cattle at the 4S Farm. This is a new project for us. Until last year, John only feed his own home-raised feeder cattle.

I love the concept of selecting a word of the year, because as the days roll by it is easy to forget goals – however, remembering one guiding theme for the year is simple.

Here’s to a happy, healthy, productive, prosperous 2015!

What’s your word of the year?


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