Isn’t the beginning of a new year refreshing? The days following Christmas are sort of sacred to me. My sisters are not back in school yet. The Christmas events are over. It is a quieter time spent at home playing with new toys. The house gets to be messier. People wear pajamas longer. I read more. I cook less.

During the past few weeks I tried to set aside a few hours to unplug, reflect and set a few goals for 2014. I love this time. I don’t expect word counts or finished products at the end of this time. Just reflection & refocusing for the upcoming year.

In addition to setting goals for 2014, I picked a Word of The Year. I was introduced to the concept through this blog.

2013 Reflection

Last year, on January 1st…I packed up and drove to South Dakota. I moved into a house in town. I had a job. It fell through. I started blogging. I started quilting more. We fixed up our house. I started freelance writing. We got married! I survived planting, haying & harvest. It was about feeling my way around in the dark. Fumbling. Learning lots. Not much depth or focus. Trying new things. Newness & change.

2014 Hopes

This year, I’m feeling more prepared for the blizzards, calving & spring planting. I am more confident in what I enjoy writing about and working toward. Best of all in 2014, I don’t have to plan a wedding or renovate an old house! Yippee! That should free up about a gazillion hours.Growth

I’m hoping to grow into the new roles that I started in 2013: blogger, writer, quilter, farm wife. Last year, beginning, finding, accepting, and declaring these four new roles was a major accomplishment for me. In 2014, I’m hoping to grow into those roles. It is time to put down roots! I can’t wait.

Please let me know if you picked a word of the year, too!